Mistress Mayhem

Mentor, Mistress, Educator
and Photographer

I have been active in the BDSM life style for 16 years and a Mistress for 9 years.

I am an Artist, Gypsy and Hedonist - It is always my desire to capture and share the passions of people truly exploring themselves. Often I live vicariously through my camera lens, connecting and capturing and recording the amazing and beautiful human condition and the fragile beauty that is to me the heart of BDSM. After leaving the Fetish Industry, I followed my passion for real, I began shooting for events on the East coast and now in the Midwest. Attending and shooting for events led to a desire to share and show to the outside world the real, raw and passionate nature of BDSM. I hope to show the real magic that I found shooting events to those who may never have the opportunity to be there.


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For me ART is an extension of the artist, of life, of the human experience.