I love the subtle art of Financial Domination, it is not the same as blackmail. But it can be a part of the game, or a tool if you will. But most of all I love getting inside someone's head and getting them so addicted to me that they can't resist me. And that the temptation to surrender time and also money is more powerful then anything else.

Wicked smile, I want you to forget yourself, I want to take over your mind, own you completely.
I admit I take great delight in your undoing. I won't give up, or let up, I will keep pushing and tugging on your strings. 

So go ahead take the risk and ask me about Financial Domination, let me tell you all about it, let's explore it together. Oh you will love it, and I promise you a wild ride.

I have no need to hide what I do, in fact I take delight is being upfront about it. I love if you try and resist even when you want it, need it and crave it. That just makes it even better for me.

Try and resist, that's a sweet treat for me.